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Information & updated hospital policies regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Saturday, June 10th

September 6th 2022 Update
Beginning September 6, 2022, masks are no longer required. If you or a family member are not feeling well, have recently tested positive for Covid-19, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, we ask you that you please have someone else bring in your pet or utilize our curbside service. If you prefer the staff to be masked while you are inside the clinic, please let us know and we will happily to comply. At this time our door will remained locked. When you arrive in the parking lot for an appointment, medication pick up, or stool/urine drop off, please call and one of the receptionists will go over further instructions.

March 1st 2022 Update
Although the Illinois state mask mandate has been lifted, at Palatine Family Pet Care we are continuing to require clients to be masked while inside the clinic. At this time we are still allowing 2 adults (including children aged 12 & up) to enter the clinic with their pet/s. If you do not wish to wear a mask you may utilize the curbside procedure. When you arrive in the parking lot please call from your vehicle and one of our receptionists will assist you. All technician appointments, drop offs (including surgery), and medication pickups will remain curbside.

June 28th 2021 Update
Beginning on June 29th we will be entering phase 1 of fully re-opening and returning to our new normal. We are now providing the option for 2 pet parents (including children at least 12 years of age) to enter our clinic for appointments. We will not limit the number of family members who wish to be present for euthanasia. All persons who wish to come into the building must wear a mask or face covering regardless of vaccination status. Mask coverings must remain over the nose & under the chin during the entire appointment, no exceptions. If you wish to continue utilizing our curbside procedure please let reception know at the time of your appointment.

  1. Upon your arrival please call our phone (847) 496-5387;
    one of our receptionist’s will check you in & discuss reason for visit.

  2. Once an exam room is available we will unlock the door and escort you to the room

  3. Clients will remain in the designated exam room during the entire visit.
    Our waiting area will remain closed at this time.

All food & medication pickup, fecal & urine drop offs will remain curbside.
All tech appointments and surgery drop offs/pick-ups will remain curbside.
Call when you arrive to hear further instructions from staff.

We have zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior and foul language.
These are difficult times for everyone, and the staff is operating under Dr. William’s specific instructions to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. Please do not take out your frustrations on the staff. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate our way to the new normal.

April 6th 2020 Update

As we are updated about this quickly changing situation we will be changing policies in order to keep our staff, clients and patients safe. We appreciate our clients patience and understanding during this difficult time. 

*For safety reasons, we will no longer be removing pets from inside the vehicle. All dogs must be removed by their owners, leashed, and ready to be handed off to a technician. Cats must be in a carrier and placed outside the vehicle.

*Limit 2 family members for euthanasia

March 17th 2020 Update
At Palatine Family Pet Care, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 health crisis and adhering to the recommendations provided by the CDC in order to control and minimize the spread of the virus. Cleanliness and hygiene have always been priorities at Palatine Family Pet Care and we continue to clean all public areas and exam rooms frequently and thoroughly with virucidal and bacteriocidal cleansers. As we learn more about this situation we will be updating our website and Facebook page.

We are instituting curbside appointments and medication pickup. We ask that owners remain in their vehicles and when you arrive please call the hospital at (847) 496-5387. Our receptionist will get all the information over the phone, then a technician will come out and bring your pet back inside while you remain in your vehicle. Once the doctor is done with her exam she will contact you and go over her findings. For the safety of the staff we will be taking payments over the phone. We are still accepting cash and checks, but request you bring exact change or let us know before hand the amount you will be paying to avoid multiple trips outside of the clinic. We ask all dogs be leashed and cats must be in a carrier. At this time we are not scheduling appointments for nail trims only. If you are feeling ill or have been around someone who is sick we ask you reschedule or have someone else bring in the pet.

We ask all medication be called in ahead of time. Payment can be given at that time or when you arrive. When you arrive to pick up the meds please call us at (847) 496-5387 and one of the receptionists will run it out.

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